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Why become an Insurance Adjuster?


When a disaster strikes, an insurance adjuster plays a very important role in assisting the recovery process. By making correct judgments about each situation, you will help your employers allocate the appropriate funds to minimize their own losses and assist the homeowners in rebuilding.

Financial Stability

The Insurance Adjuster Salary is highly competitive. As an Insurance Claims Adjuster you can earn an average of $400 per claim, which takes 3-5 hours to do. With solid training to get you started YOU CAN have a successful Career!


You can apply your skills to a wide range of employement opportunities. Insurance adjusters often have a say in outlining their own schedules, work location and even career options.


How to become an Insurance Adjuster

To become an insurance adjuster will first require you to undergo a series of trainings. Once licensed you can choose to practice as a catastrophic insurance adjuster who follows storms and travels all over the country or a Daily Adjuster which works from home location for Day to Day Claims. Our short and easy to follow courses will enable you to become licensed and ready to practice in either role. We offer online training courses that will train you on how to become an insurance adjuster and can be done at the comfort of your home, without the usual hustle of going to class. Learn more about our online adjuster courses.

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